Invest in change

We believe communities find the most effective social, political, and economic solutions to challenges when their people work together.

Our approach

Locally led solutions

We also believe it’s possible to accelerate the process of positive change by strengthening the capacities of leaders, organizations, and networks to identify and implement their solutions more inclusively.

Implementing around the world

Help us build inclusive, sustainable communities

For more than 55 years and in more than 65 countries around the world, Counterpart has partnered with leaders, organizations, and networks to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive.


We need your support

U.S. government funding allows us to reach communities around the world at scale. However, these grants and contracts can be restrictive in scope and limit the impact we can make. We depend on generous individuals, foundations, and corporate support to amplify the impact and reach of our initiatives.

Your donation today allows us to quickly adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve.