Our counterparts

Counterpart International works with governments, universities, organizations, individuals, foundations, and corporations that are committed to building the capacity of the social sector.


Our approach

We believe that lasting results can only be achieved through partnership and collaboration. With our partners, we’re helping local organizations around the world improve health and nutrition, expand access to education, create peaceful and stable communities that are governed more inclusively, and strengthen climate resiliency.


Our funders provide resources and support that make our work possible and increase our ability to provide grants to local partners to reach more people in communities around the world.


Our corporate partners work with us on projects that support women’s empowerment and resilient food systems.

“Senegal has something to show for school canteens in its northern part and we essentially owe it to the whole team at Counterpart International.”
El Hadjj Seck
Head of School Canteen Division, Senegal
“Our relationship with Counterpart is horizontal. Counterpart has a commitment to rural development, and its staff perfectly understood our philosophy, approach, and work methodology. More than 30,000 families have received training to improve their standard of living, with the direct participation of Counterpart.”
Guatemala Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA)