Climate Resilience

Fostering sustainability for future generations

Counterpart implements innovative environmental programs for the sustainable management of ecosystems through the empowerment of communities that inhabit them.

Focus Area

We emphasize the power of communities in addressing climate change

Counterpart leverages decades of experience working with communities and local organizations to implement programs that empower communities to sustainably manage the ecosystems that support their livelihoods. We apply this approach in programs aimed at the sustainable conservation of marine coastal ecosystems, environmental education, enhancing environmental services, and improving the governance of ecosystems and natural resource management—all critical efforts in the fight against climate change’s effects on vulnerable communities.

What We’re Doing

Empowering coastal communities

Counterpart works with coastal communities and their ecosystems in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, through our Dominican Coastal Climate Resiliency Program (2021–2024) and the bi-national Integrated Marine Ecosystems Management in Northern Hispaniola program (2019–2022). The Resilient Governance in Niger Activity (2021–2026) and the Promoting Advocacy and Rights Project in Bangladesh (2018–2024) utilize communal mechanisms, civil society, and advocacy strengthening approaches to fight the consequences of climate change.

Our Projects

Building climate resilience across the globe

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Climate Adaptation Activity
Coastal Climate Resiliency Program

Coastal Climate Resiliency Program

This project strives to build a nature-positive economy empowering coastal communities by enhancing behavioral change through environmental education. 
our impact

Finding local solutions to global issues

Our emphasis on local solutions to issues like climate change and environmental degradation have yielded an overwhelmingly positive impact–empowering civil society and youth environmental leaders, ensuring food security and the sustainability of local livelihoods, and protecting critical ecosystems from harm.


students participated in data collection trips in 2022 as part of the Dominican Environmental Education Program.


in loans secured for 52 farmers to implement sustainable rice farming practices in the Dominican Republic.


community-based platforms created in Bangladesh to tackle issues including environmental pollution.


students trained on environmental conservation practices in the Dominican Republic in 2022.

Our Stories

Discover more about our efforts to foster sustainable ecosystems

Read stories of how Counterpart partners with leaders, organizations, and networks to improve governance outcomes and build inclusive, sustainable communities.

DEEP Day Awakens Environmental Curiosity in Dominican Students

DEEP Day Awakens Environmental Curiosity in Dominican Students

Amid the pristine white sand beaches and tropical beauty of the Dominican Republic lies a small island nation increasingly at risk of climate catastrophe. Counterpart’s Dominican Environmental Education Program (DEEP)...
Educating the Next Generation of Dominican Climate Leaders

Educating the Next Generation of Dominican Climate Leaders

In the Dominican Republic, Counterpart’s Dominican Environmental Education Program (DEEP) represents the hope that through educating and empowering communities, the blows of the climate crisis on the most vulnerable might...
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We take an inclusive approach to our programming and in our operations, strengthening communities side by side with our partners.