Counterpart’s Theory of Change

Our theory of change guides and tests the effectiveness and sustainability of Counterpart’s development implementation. It illustrates the cause and effect linkages between interventions, outcomes, and goals, and allows for greater accountability to ourselves, our participants, and our donors.

Design > Implement > Measure > Learn

Our program-level monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategies and performance measurement frameworks offer reliable data that measure the return on investment.

Our learning approach ensures that Counterpart is responsive to the complex challenges and demands of today’s international development work.



If we work with leaders, organizations, communities, and networks to inclusively develop their assets

If we help local, national, and global communities identify and map the complex challenges they face within systems, and

If we assist them in leveraging shared interests through mutually beneficial social partnerships,

Then, leaders, organizations, communities, and networks will be able to develop and accelerate innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions, generating lasting impact to build the future of their choice.



A visual representation of Counterpart's Theory of Change that mirrors the textual content of this page.