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OGP key to leveraging locally led development

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global multistakeholder initiative that supports national and local government’s ability to promote transparency, fight corruption, harness new technologies, and collaborate effectively with citizens. Counterpart has been a key ally to the OGP initiative, having supported its implementation in countries across the world since 2012.


Counterpart’s history of engagement with OGP

The Open Government Partnership launched in 2011 under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There was a clear overlap its intention and the aim of Counterpart’s USAID programs in democracy, rights, governance.

OGP Global Summit, Tallin-2023 

Counterpart sends a delegation from Armenia, Ecuador, and the United States. to the OGP Global Summit in Estonia. As a member of the Global Democracy Coalition, Counterpart will be supporting an OGP Summit Side Event: “Summit for Democracy Dialogue- Breaking Down Barriers by Encouraging Active and Inclusive Participation at the third Summit for Democracy”. At the session, the Coalition will brainstorm with government and civil society representatives on how to engage new voices in the Summit for Democracy in preparation for the Summit in 2024.


In Armenia, through the USAIDfunded Civil Society in Action Program, Counterpart is supporting the government of Armenia on National Action Plan implementation. In support of a National Action Plan commitment, the government is creating an e-procurement site to improve transparency of public procurements. Counterpart provided technical assistance to the government byreviewing the terms of reference and supporting the selection of the vendor.  

OGP Global Summit, Ottawa-2019

Counterpart technical experts in OGP held a session at the OGP Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada that focused on the importance of gender and inclusion in OGP National Action Plans. The session convened civil society and government participants from across the globe to discuss commitments that highlighted how best to consider gender implications in implementation.


Counterpart was awarded the USAIDfunded New Partnerships in Open Government Program in Ecuador. The program is focused on supporting the implementation of the country’s National Action Plan with a unique engagement approach for working with private sector actors on the initiative.

OGP Global Summit, Tbilisi-2018

Counterpart staff traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia, for the OGP Global Summit and hosted an event on DRG Implementers Supporting the Open Government Partnership. Discussions centered on lessons and challenges in supporting the OGP initiative from an international perspective. Counterpart tn launched an Open Government Implementers Working Group that met throughout 2019 in DC to foster awareness and learning around the OGP initiative.


In Morocco, Counterpart leveraged our network of civil society actors and organizations to raise awareness of the OGP initiative, including organizing civil society leaders together to meet the CEO of OGP, Sanjay Pradhan, during his initial trip to Morocco.


In Ecuador, Counterpart’s USAIDfunded Civil Society Assistance Program brought technical experts on OGP to work with the government and civil society in developing the co-creation methodology for their first National Action Plan. Counterpart also supported key civil society organizations through subgrants to ensure active collaboration in the initial development of OGP tools and approaches.


Through Participation Civica, Counterpart supported the co-creation process for Guatemala’s fourth National Action Plan by training facilitators in the OGP Co-Creation standards. The 40 facilitators from government and civil society received certificates noting their ability to lead co-creation in line with standards set by the OGP initiative.

Northern Triangle-2017

In partnership with IMPACTOS, the Latin America OGP Support Unit team, and the OGP Honduran Technical Committee, Counterpart organized and led the Regional OGP Event for the Northern Triangle in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, featuring 362 representatives from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  

OGP Global Summit, Paris-2016

Counterpart sent a delegation to the OGP Global Summit in Paris. The delegation was comprised of senior leaders and technical experts from our DC office, as well as staff and civil society representatives from Honduras and Guatemala.

Central American Alliance for Regional Initiatives-2016

Counterpart led the creation of the Central American Alliance for Regional Initiatives that included civil society representatives from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama. The Alliance functioned as a learning community for participants to share experiences and lessons learned from OGP implementation and hold discussions for political implications around the Alliance for Prosperity funds.

OGP America’s Regional Meeting-2016

Counterpart chiefs of party from the IMPACTOS program in Honduras and the USAIDfunded Participación Civica program in Guatemala participated in the OGP America’s Regional Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. Counterpart sponsored a delegation from civil society in Honduras to travel and participate in the regional summit. 


Through the USAID-funded IMPACTOS program, Counterpart provided training for the OGP Technical Committee in Honduras to strengthen civil society’s oversight and collaboration in the country’s first OGP National Action Plan .  

Counterpart also supported the creation of the OGP Youth Council in Honduras, comprising current and recent college graduates interested in promoting youth participation and civic education initiatives across the country.


More information on Counterpart’s OGP journey

Counterpart has been a supporter and champion of OGP efforts since its inception. The initiative emphasizes the collaboration between governments and civil society leaders as they tackle ambitious policy reforms and various societal challenges across the governance spectrum. This focus on collaboration and direct citizen engagement has always been a pillar of Counterpart’s governance programming. It is fundamental to continually identify ways to let local leaders, experts, and citizens lead development initiatives, and OGP has been a key approach to how Counterpart has supported locally led development over the past decade.  

Our Programs

Current programs supporting OGP

Currently, Counterpart continues to support OGP through programs in Ecuador and Armenia. For more information on those programs, reach out to Counterpart’s technical expert Brianna Radosti (

Civil Society in Action

Civil Society in Action

Civil Society in Action will enable local organizations and civic movements to enhance two key dimensions of civil society: civil society organizations’ impacts on policy discourse (the external effect) and civil society’s representation of constituents (the internal effect).
New Partnerships in Open Government

New Partnerships in Open Government

Counterpart will ensure that civil society, academia, and private sector stakeholders have the capacity to collaborate and participate in the OGP process and that the new government of Ecuador will be able to effectively improve citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in governance.