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Women need access to training and resources to become leaders

Women often face many challenges such as gender stereotypes, lack of representation, caregiving responsibilities, lack of networking opportunities, lack of access to resources, and limited access to education and skill training. Women often encounter deep-rooted gender biases, societal expectations, and gender stereotypes that hinder their path to leadership and economic independence. Preconceived notions about women’s capabilities, such as the perception that women are less competent or ambitious, can create barriers and limit opportunities. 

The underrepresentation of women in leadership positions creates a lack of visible role models for aspiring female leaders. This absence can make it harder for women to envision themselves in leadership roles and can perpetuate the belief that leadership is predominantly a male domain. 

Women’s access to resources and financial independence frequently encounters barriers to accessing financial services, such as opening bank accounts, and accessing lands. Women often have limited financial literacy, which can prevent women from starting businesses or investing in economic activities. 


GWIM participants engage in a team exercise.


Empowered women can change the world

Our WomenLead Institute program, under the Women’s Empowerment focus area, empowers women economically and increases their leadership through collaborative efforts between governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to create an enabling environment for women.  GWIM is founded on the globally held premise that equipping women with the education, skills, and support systems needed to lead organizations and start and grow businesses is one of the most important means to ensure economic growth and gender equality. GWIM provides early- to mid-career NGO leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to advance their careers, strengthen organizational systems, challenge restrictive gender norms and policies, and improve and scale women’s economic empowerment programs.   



Providing women with opportunities to become leaders

GWIM has strengthened women’s networks and helped women across the globe expand their access to markets and networks through training programs, mentorship initiatives, and networking events giving women further opportunities. This has helped women entrepreneurs establish connections, gain exposure, and access business opportunities. 

“I learned how to advocate and enhance my communication skills and made my local outreach and liaison work an integral part of my focus in Nigeria and [became an agent of change] for my community and women.”
Nne Bassey Abraham
GWIM graduate from Nigeria
Exxon Mobil