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Women’s Self-Care and Skill-Building Project


Ukrainian refugee women need mental health support

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, women and girls have fled to neighboring countries in Eastern Europe. Preliminary assessments indicated that these women need mental health support and psychosocial support services. Women are more vulnerable because they are responsible for their children’s care and have limited or no financial and social support  


Ukrainian women refugees participating in Counterpart’s Self-Care and Skill-Building program in Romania release balloons into the sky during a workshop in February 2023.


Equipping Ukrainian women refugees with the skills to succeed

WomenLead Institute designed this activity for Ukrainian women refugees in Romania as an immediate and targeted plan to address their needs. This activity equips women with skills, improves their mental health, and assists them in becoming more resilient.  


Networks create a system of support

  1. Trained 40 women in mental health 
  2. Created peer support for Ukrainian refugee for 60 men and women  
  3. Organized job fairs for women and as a result 20% of graduates received job offers 
“The training had a great impact on me because firstly, I had never had such an experience earlier — like many mothers, not only [did] I not concentrate on myself, but mostly, I didn’t pay attention to my emotional health.”
Participant in the Self-Care and Skill-Building project
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