Women’s Empowerment

Unlocking women’s potential for a brighter future

We’re equipping women with essential skills to enhance their capacity and agency, and fostering empowerment through a localized approach to advance gender equality and inclusion.

Meeting Women Where They Are

We support women through a localized approach

Counterpart offers innovative solutions for women’s empowerment through a range of impactful approaches. Our activities are centered around economic advancement, capacity development, mentorship, coaching, and peacebuilding. We are committed to empowering and enhancing women’s role in creating a sustainable, inclusive society.  

What We’re Doing

We partner with women globally to unlock their potential

We partner with women business owners and civil society leaders to equip them with skills to advance their careers, so that they become voices for women in their communities through training, coaching, and mentorship. We work with women across the globe to address challenges that affect women’s access to education, training, and resources. Our aim is to better equip women to lead and become powerful agents of social, political, and economic change.

Our Projects

Women’s empowerment projects

We’re empowering women for lasting change in communities around the world. Read more to find out how.

Women’s Self-Care and Skill-Building Project

Women’s Self-Care and Skill-Building Project

WLI's Women’s Self-Care and Skill-Building Project equips Ukrainian women refugees in Romania with skills, improves their mental health, and assists them in becoming more resilient.
Global Women In Management

Global Women In Management

The WomenLead Institute's Global Women In Management (GWIM) program provides early- to mid-career NGO women leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to advance their careers, strengthen organizational systems, challenge restrictive gender norms and policies, and improve and scale women's economic empowerment programs. 
our impact

Economic prosperity for women around the world


women representing 77 countries have participated in training.


of GWIM alumni since 2017 have reported 3,500 projects reaching 543,577 women.


women received mentorship and coaching.


of recent GWIM graduates acquired a job or promotion.

Our Stories

Bringing together experts and activists

We’re enhancing women’s capacity and fostering empowerment for a sustainable future.  Read our stories to find out how.

Ukrainian Women Find New Skills in Self-Care and Supporting Others

Ukrainian Women Find New Skills in Self-Care and Supporting Others

Since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, more than 6 million Ukrainians have fled the country. This is approximately one-third of the Ukrainian population, making it the...
Counterpart Alumna Becomes Champion of Women’s Inclusion in Nigerian Development

Counterpart Alumna Becomes Champion of Women’s Inclusion in Nigerian Development

This story is part of a series of profiles of Global Women in Management alumni who have gone through training and mentorship with Counterpart International and brought the lessons learned...
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We take an inclusive approach to our programming and in our operations, strengthening communities side by side with our partners.