Social inclusion

Shifting power for transformative change

More than elevating voices and expanding access to decision makers, we help diverse communities take on power structures that foster privilege and inequality.

Focus Area

Taking a transformative approach to inclusion and equality

Counterpart helps our partners push for truly transformative changes to their countries, their communities, their families, and themselves, taking on entrenched power structures that foster privilege and inequality. We work with our partners to explore new mechanisms for engaging people in public life, particularly those that are most marginalized. By promoting openness and the right to participate, including through technology and innovative forms of citizen deliberation, our local partners are empowering citizens and transforming societies.

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Innovative integration tools

Collaborating with partners in challenging contexts

Ensuring active engagement in public life, our programs incorporate women’s empowerment, enhance youth leadership, and support LGBTQI inclusion.

What we're doing

Our tools help ensure better integration of vulnerable groups

We have created a suite of innovative integration tools to make sure vulnerable groups are integrated into the civic space. Our tools include Rapid Gender Analysis Integration Planning for Fragile and Conflict-Affected Environments, Missing Voice Analysis, and an Inclusive Social Accountability Framework, amongst others. By enhancing meaningful inclusivity at every step of the process, our activities increase the likelihood for transformative, community-owned solutions.

Women's empowerment

Empowering girls through community building

Counterpart’s innovative Village Support for Girls Education program, which was established in 2021 in Mauritania through our USDA-funded McGovern-Dole Food for Education and Child Nutrition program and is being introduced in Mozambique under McGovern-Dole, facilitates women’s empowerment groups to address a wide range of issues through confidence building and group cohesion. These women’s groups have come together to address pressing issues in their villages: girls drop-out rates, early and forced childhood marriage, and women’s participation in the local economy. 

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Focusing on the building blocks of healthy communities

We’re touching lives in communities around the world. Read more to find out how.

Rights and Dignity

Rights and Dignity

The Rights and Dignity Project design and implementation have focused on addressing structural deficiencies resulting in a lack of respect for human rights of targeted populations, particularly within the justice and security sectors.
Resilient Governance in Niger

Resilient Governance in Niger

This project strengthens the social contract between the state and citizens, and enhances individual, household, and community resilience in 19 communes in the Maradi, Tillabéri, and Zinder regions of Niger.
Our impact

Strengthening public engagement to better serve the population's needs


NGO partners focused on advocacy in Timor-Leste trained in research for evidence-based advocacy.


marginalized people reached through open government partnerships in Ecuador.


local actors in Niger trained to better understand their roles in the decentralization framework, including youth and women.

Our stories

Bringing together experts and activists

We’re transforming communities through social inclusion. Read our stories to find out how.

Opening the Doors to Women’s Inclusion in Conflict Settings

Opening the Doors to Women’s Inclusion in Conflict Settings

Conflict often alters power dynamics, presenting development practitioners an opportunity to revisit assumptions about gender norms and reassess how to better integrate women more meaningfully in development activities. Amina Kaza,...
NGOs gain understanding of LGBTQI; commit to inclusive programming

NGOs gain understanding of LGBTQI; commit to inclusive programming

In Timor-Leste, the LGBTQI community often live on the margins of society. To promote greater tolerance and acceptance of those who identify as LGBTQI, Counterpart collaborated with our partners to...
Turi Kumwe helps marginalized youth gain confidence, launch businesses

Turi Kumwe helps marginalized youth gain confidence, launch businesses

The Turi Kumwe (We are Together) project in Burundi supported the social integration of Chadrack Miburo and helped him take advantage of economic opportunities. Chadrack lives with albinism. As a...
Nigerien Woman with a Disability Finds Her Voice in Local Government

Nigerien Woman with a Disability Finds Her Voice in Local Government

Rabi Abdou was born with a disability to a poor Nigerien family. Because of the social stigma attached to disabilities, Abdou never had the opportunity to go to school and...
Focus Areas

Elevating marginalized voices for prosperous communities

We take an inclusive approach to our programming and in our operations, strengthening communities side by side with our partners.