Global Women Leaders Rise Together at GWIM Training

October 18, 2023

Counterpart hosted the Global Women in Management (GWIM) cohort for two weeks in September, bringing together 17 accomplished women leaders from 14 countries to be trained in business and leadership skills. The women participated in daily training in Counterpart’s Washington, D.C. office focused on gender and social inclusion, personal leadership and confidence, project design and management, and financial management and sustainability. The program participants are all leaders within their fields and represent a diverse array of industries and experience. GWIM’s highly participatory learning style combined with the diversity of perspectives the group brought to the classroom led to enriching conversations around the topics presented each day.

The GWIM cohort pictured with special guest Camille Richardson during the Rising Together Women’s Empowerment Reception on September 21 at Counterpart’s DC office.

Over the course of the two-week program, various excursions were taken around D.C. On September 27, the cohort embarked on “A Tour of Her Own,” a women’s history-focused tour of D.C. Additionally, the group spent an afternoon touring the Howard University campus. They were welcomed at the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center before heading to Howard’s Gallery of Art to view the current exhibit on the African American Experience in Art and finished the day listening to a panel with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The women leaders were also celebrated during the Rise Together Women’s Empowerment Reception, held on September 21 at Counterpart. The reception featured remarks from Jim Jones, director of Global Community Investment Programs and Strategy at ExxonMobil, as well as Camille Richardson of the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

The program concluded on September 29 with a graduation ceremony, where each participant was celebrated with a certificate of achievement. On this final day, each participant also shared their takeaways from the trainings and crafted an action plan for how they will implement what they learned within their organizations. While the in-person programming has ended, Counterpart will continue to provide further training modules virtually. The two-week program led to a strong bond between the participants, who can now rely on their network of GWIM colleagues from their own cohort, as well as the much wider GWIM alumni network. View photos from the training and reception below.

GWIM participant Ludmilla Rossi participating in training on the first day of the program.

GWIM participant Tashi Browne celebrates the first day of training.

GWIM participants Saudat Salami and Veronica Cipriota engage in discussion during the training.

Rosalia Filani and Rita Otu, two GWIM participants, embrace as they share each other’s introductions on the first day of the program.

GWIM participant Catherine Pianga presents in front of the group during GWIM training.

Co-facilitators actively engage in listening to the GWIM participants during a training session.

Counterpart commissioned artists to create a painting for the GWIM cohort and the Rising Together reception.

Once the artists were finished with the mural, the GWIM participants painted their countries’ flags onto the doves and wrote the words “rising together” in their native languages.

GWIM participant Clarisse Machanguana speaks at the Rising Together reception.

Camille Richardson from the U.S. Department of Commerce and Jim Jones from ExxonMobil pictured together at the Rising Together reception.

GWIM participant Catherine Piagna networking with an attendee of the Rising Together reception.

Counterpart President and CEO Ann Hudock gives remarks at the Rising Together reception.

Camille Richardson of the U.S. Department of Commerce gave special remarks during the Rising Together reception.

Jim Jones, director of Global Community Investment Programs and Strategy at ExxonMobil, speaks at the Rising Together reception.

Sara Yarce Mesa and Saudat Salami joyously recall their experiences and takeaways on the last day of GWIM training.

Lida Hedayat, GWIM associate director, and Prajolita Lamichhane, program officer, with the GWIM cohort along with cofacilitators Susan Richiedei, Dina Scippa, and consultants Ketty Jaramillo and Alyssa Rayle after the graduation ceremony.