Our Work

With our local partners, we are ensuring communities are governed more inclusively, improving health and nutrition, enhancing livelihoods, and strengthening climate resiliency.

For more than 55 years, we’ve supported solution creators—our counterparts—in more than 65 countries around the world, helping people build better lives and more durable futures. Counterpart partners with leaders, organizations, and networks to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive.

What We Do

Locally led development

In a world where threats to democracy and fundamental freedoms undermine essential human rights, Counterpart’s mission to support local communities in building inclusive, sustainable, and transparent societies is more important than ever. Locally led development is integral to our approach. Along with our partners, we create resilient food systems, buttress civil society, support climate initiatives, and work toward responsive governance in the communities we serve.

Where we work

Partnering with organizations worldwide

Counterpart’s programs reach around the world to the places where help is needed the most. We partner with local leaders, organizations, and networks to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive. In 2022, we provided $4.7 million to local organizations to achieve their development outcomes, standing alongside our partners as they forge their own futures.

Our Impact

Data-driven impact with results and lessons


emerging leaders participated in trainings.


networks established or strengthened.


organizations received capacity-building assistance.

Our Projects

Building inclusive, sustainable communities

We’re touching people’s lives around the world. Read more to find out how.

Iraq Civil Society Activity

Iraq Civil Society Activity

The Iraq Civil Society Activity works to strengthen citizen engagement and participation in the public sphere, especially among women and youth. The project works with Iraqi civil society to better respond to citizen needs by supporting partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly.
Climate Adaptation Activity