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Reports, white papers, project assessments, and professional guides written by our staff, often in collaboration with our partners, to help guide new thought in international development.

2022 Annual Report

In a world where threats to democracy and fundamental freedoms undermine essential human rights, Counterpart’s mission to support local communities in building inclusive, sustainable, and transparent societies is more important than ever. As people around the world flee war, suffer from hunger, and find themselves struggling to survive in fragile and unpredictable environments, Counterpart is on the ground to offer hope and assist in creating citizen-led, transformational change.

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Rapid Gender Analysis & Integration Planning Tool

Research demonstrates that when peacebuilding activities are gender-inclusive, their outcomes are more durable. As Counterpart International is increasingly operating in environments that are affected by fragility, conflict, and violence (FVC), we developed a tool to enhance the design, implementation, and adaptation of gender-aware and transformative activities in these challenging implementation settings. By enhancing gender inclusion, our goal is that activities will increase the likelihood for sustainable, community-owned solutions.


2021 Annual Report

In 2021, communities around the world continued to experience natural and human-made disasters unlike most of us have known in our lifetimes. From El Salvador to Mauritania to Timor-Leste and countries in between, Counterpart has been addressing these and other challenges with long-established partners and new ones, standing side by side to identify local solutions, and develop capacity for implementing them, tapping local expertise. As we reflect on our success and lessons learned, we are reminded of our organizational values as we look forward to continue this work. Explore the interactive report.

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The Information Safety & Capacity Project Final Report

Designed and implemented by Counterpart International to protect the online safety of developing-world civil society, including non-governmental organizations and independent media outlets, the Information Safety & Capacity Project (ISC) was launched in October 2011 with a distinct mission to strengthen the cybersecurity defenses of thousands of activists and journalists in dozens of countries. In later years, the addition of pro-cyberliberty policy advocacy to the ISC’s mandate further broadened its support for civil society, including strengthening the work of policy advocates and the advocacy capacity of non-governmental organizations, and improving regulatory environments that determine online freedom.

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Inclusive Social Accountability

Counterpart’s Inclusive Social Accountability (ISA) developmental framework integrates elements of social inclusion and community accountability into one comprehensive approach. The ISA methodology is a critical new approach for countries undertaking the journey to self-reliance and moving away from development assistance. ISA fosters more durable solutions by engaging government to make the policy or service delivery changes needed and ensuring that all voices are included in crafting these solutions.