Mission & Values

Our mission

We work alongside community leaders, organizations, and networks to shape positive change.


Collaborate and serve

  • Identify problems and design solutions in partnership with local partners and stakeholders. Measure impact, evaluate mistakes and successes, and apply lessons learned
  • Convene unique and diverse partners across disciplines and geographies for lasting impact

Achieve and exceed

  • Set high standards and deliver quality results
  • Celebrate innovation, learning, and adapting
  • Commit to ethical and transparent decision-making and performance
4. Taller con juventudes Creando contenido de valor en redes sociales
Global citizenship

Include and respect

  • Anchor programs and partnerships in protecting and promoting human rights and freedoms
  • Champion inclusive, anti-racist, diverse, and equitable operations, from hiring practices and staff development, to project design and implementation, and partnerships and collaborations
  • Challenge ignorance and intolerance
  • Foster interconnectedness, participation, and mutual respect

Trust and entrust

  • Do the right thing
  • Demonstrate transparency in decision-making and accountability to our partners
  • Follow through on our commitments to our donors, partners, and communities

Learn and thrive

  • Develop skills and mentor and champion others
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance
  • Commit to making a positive difference