July 2022

USDA and Counterpart make for a better brew in Guatemala

Counterpart International’s USDA-funded Food for Progress program prioritizes sustainable economic development and resilient livelihoods with our partners in Guatemala.  The National Coffee Association (ANACAFÉ) is …

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July 2021

The Domino Effects of Climate Change

By Isabel Nieves, Intern We often hear about the devastating effects of climate change and the future consequences if we do not begin taking greater …

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April 2020

Tinamit Tolimán Integral: Creating Local Supply Chains of Specialty Coffee in Guatemala

Tinamit Tolimán Integral is one of many agricultural cooperatives participating in the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food for Progress (FFP) 2016 program, implemented …

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January 2019

A Shared Vision for Better Health Care in Guatemala

Although access to health care is guaranteed in Guatemala’s constitution, the reality for many Guatemalans is that even the most basic public health services remain …

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December 2018

Women Take the Lead in Guatemala

On a quiet side street in the historic downtown of Guatemala City sits the office of Codefem, the Collective for the Defense of Women’s Rights in …

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August 2018

Forging New Partnerships in Tbilisi: Working Together Toward Open Government

Recently, at an event in D.C. focused on Democracy in the Western Hemisphere, USAID Administrator Mark Green told stories from his travels around the world …

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June 2018

Agriculture, Technology, and Co-creation

by Sevak Amalyan, Program Manager, and Norma Toussaint, Senior Program Officer As with any other industry, international development is a world of its own. It …

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December 2017

United Against Corruption for Development, Peace & Security: Latin American OGP

According to the United Nations Development Program, every year around the world, $1 trillion is paid in bribes while an estimated $2.6 trillion are stolen …

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September 2017

Advancing Transparency & Accountability On Guatemala’s Independence Day

Over the last two years, the Guatemalan government and civil society have worked together to address corruption, increase transparency and strengthen government accountability in the …

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Participación Cívica in Guatemala

Government corruption in Guatemala has long been identified as a significant barrier…

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