Graduating Classes Inspire Insights, Connection

April 27, 2022

Since 2005, the ExxonMobil Foundation’s Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative has invested in WLI’s Global Women In Management (GWIM) program, providing women with leadership, management, and technical skills training through residential workshops, coaching and network support. This unique program was founded on the principle that women are key drivers of sustainable economic growth and development.

GWIM invites women to enroll in an innovative educational program that combines classroom instruction and peer networking. The women join groups of 20-30, forming a class that goes through the curriculum together. This year, WLI hosted its 70th and 71st classes, welcoming more than 40 women to six months of weekly online training sessions. The 70th GWIM class comprised 24 women from Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The 71st class was a county-level edition of the management program made up of 18 women from Guyana.

Despite internet connectivity challenges and changing pandemic restrictions, our team was incredibly inspired by the persistence and dedication demonstrated by each participant. The women filled the six-month period with laughter, powerful insights, and meaningful connection—including the birth of three babies and a live fashion show! Their commitment and support of one another is a testament to who they are as leaders and champions of women’s equality. WLI is enormously proud to welcome these women into our global alumnae network.

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