WomenLead Alumnae Foster a Thriving Global Network of Women Leaders

March 22, 2022

Two-Day Summit Connects 200 Women from 40 Countries

As a recent gathering of women leaders demonstrates, the network of graduates of the WomenLead Institute’s ExxonMobil management course is flourishing. Tapping the power of peer-to-peer learning, the institute hosted a two-day summit for alumnae to share their insights with others who had completed the Global Women in Management program. Nearly 200 women from over 40 countries gathered virtually to reconnect and talk about their achievements and lessons learned since completing the program.

The screen shot of the message board shows participants’ posts.

The summit kicked off with panel discussions featuring alumnae from Central America, Asia, and Africa, eager to share their stories about economic empowerment. Many credited the management program for giving them the tools to hone their business plans, connecting them to a network of other motivated and inspiring women, and providing mentorship years after they completed the training course.

A common theme among the panelists was the notion that the networking opportunities they found through the program fostered a strong support system and motivated them to achieve their goals. Some participants have shared their training with other women and youth, while others provide financial planning, mentoring, and loan guarantees to their peers.

“GWIM gave me structure, gave me new lenses to see the world and effectively run my organization,” said Lho Noruwana, a restaurateur and founder of the South African Focus on Women Institute. “This [GWIM] cannot end with me, more women need to experience this transformation.”

Lho graduated from the Global Women in Management program in 2017.

The second day of the summit featured two sets of concurrent presentations on topics ranging from gender-based violence policy in disaster areas and environmental sustainability – to  small business collaboration and digital transformation in rural areas. Alumnae shared their work in these areas and took questions from their peers, providing an opportunity for cross-collaboration and learning for all.

The word cloud image shows the how the participants describe their expertise in a single word.

The WomenLead Institute’s Global Women in Management program has had a positive effect on women, unlocking their potential and in turn enhancing their communities across the globe. As Tolu Ewherido, vice president, Subsurface at ExonnMobil, stated, “I am still in awe of the amazing impact they’ve had and continue to have in their communities.”

Through continued programming of the WomenLead Institute, such as this alumnae summit, women leaders are finding their voices, sharing their knowledge, and building their own economic futures.

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