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New Partnerships in Open Government


Lack of capacity disrupts open government

The lack of technical capacity, transparency mechanisms, and citizen participation in governance has made effective, open, and participatory governance in Ecuador difficult. The external focus on corruption and transparency in the region provides an opportunity for spurring action on the declared goals of this program. 


Participants in the Open Government planning process celebrate the opportunity.


Building capacity improves governance

Counterpart will provide the Ecuadoran government with technical capacity and resources through a broad partnership with the private sector, civil society, and international partners. Counterpart will ensure that civil society, academia, and private sector stakeholders have the capacity to collaborate and participate in the OGP process and that the new government of Ecuador will be able to effectively improve citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in governance. 

  • Ensure the success of the first OGP National Action Plan through support of the monitoring and evaluation of the reforms pledged in accordance with the action plan and co-creation process
  • Strengthen the capacity of the government of Ecuador through supporting the co-creation, selection, and implementation of reforms through the second OGP National Action plan
  • Aid the parallel development of open government principles in local government by supporting the municipality of Quito in the implementation of its second Local Action Plan

Collaboration fosters open dialogue and citizen participation

Including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the open government process through the participation of 1,260 people; 34 percent women, youth, peasant and indigenous communities, youth, LGTBIQ+ population and local leaders, 44 percent representatives of the public sector, 15 percent academia, and 7 percent private sector 

  1. Involving 144 representatives of companies and business associations in the open government process  
  2. Designing and implementing a participatory dialogue methodology that produces proposals for viable and concrete solutions within the co-creation process of Ecuador’s NAP 2 
  3. Co-creation of Ecuador’s Second National Action Plan, which includes 15 commitments aligned with Ecuador’s 2021-2025 National Development Plan and the United Nations 2030 Agenda 
  4. Co-creation of the first Open Government Plan in Cuenca based on Resolution No. SG-068-2022
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