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Coastal Climate Resiliency Program


Climate change threatens the Dominican Republic's future

The Dominican Republic is one of the top 10 countries in the world negatively impacted by climate change. To combat this challenge, the Dominican people must be equipped to develop locally owned strategies for climate resiliency, especially community organizations and youth who will be responsible for conserving local ecosystems for future generations. 



Locally led environmental conservation

Our work in the Dominican Republic will reduce local pressures on biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystems, while minimizing economic and cultural disruption to the communities that depend on those ecosystems. We strive to build a nature-positive economy empowering coastal communities by enhancing behavioral change through environmental education. 


Sustainability empowers the next generation

Within the life of the program, we will:

  1. Educate high school and college students about climate resiliency 
  2. Support youth in researching and writing about climate resiliency 
  3. Increase the number of coastal mangroves and coral nurseries protected  
  4. Support sustainable rice farming, fishing, and tourism 
  5. Train fishing associations to promote coastal resiliency 
  6. Build networks between businesses and the national government 
  7. Produce and share climate resiliency recommendations with policymakers 

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