We are partnering with local civil society organizations in Malawi.


We are strengthening the capacity of civil society to improve access to access to health services, education, and clean water.


We are enhancing the effectiveness of civil society organizations through organizational capacity development and service delivery grants, while ensuring sustainability through a cascading model that trains organizations to train others in effective service delivery.


One of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi faces myriad challenges relating to health, education, governance, agriculture, and climate change. A strong civil society is needed to advocate for policy reform to address these challenges and to work with the government to co-create solutions. While Malawi’s civil society sector is visible and vocal – more than 600 organizations were registered in 2013 – funding challenges and other obstacles have hampered their ability to deliver impactful and sustainable solutions.


Counterpart’s STEPS project ensures the development of a capable, effective civil society that will contribute to national development, achieve positive, sustainable results, and remain accountable to the people of Malawi. The project works directly with local civil society organizations across the country, providing organizational capacity development and service delivery grants to help create stronger responses to some of Malawi’s most urgent needs, including HIV/AIDS and malaria.


The project and its partners have improved strengthened health and education service delivery:

  • 10,677 people living with HIV were enrolled in Antiretroviral Therapy provided by our partner CSOs
  • 40,745 people living with HIV received community-based health services
  • 111,535 people received behavior change messaging designed to slow the spread of malaria
  • 83,915 people received instruction on improving water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices
  • 444 villages improved their WASH practices and were verifiably free of open defecation

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Funder: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

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