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Participación Cívica in Guatemala


Government corruption in Guatemala has long been identified as a significant barrier to the country’s development and ability to prosper.  In recent years, the government has made unprecedented progress in the fight against corruption, primarily through the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the International Commission against Impunity.  Civil society organizations are beginning to see their rightful place in monitoring government accountability and transparency. The progress made has raised the hopes of millions of citizens. However, more work is needed to shore up the partnership between civil society and government to realize a corruption-free Guatemala.


Participación Cívica strengthened and developed the capacity of civil society organizations and government officials in Guatemala to play a more effective role in addressing accountability, transparency and anti-corruption related issues. The program

  • Improved the capacity of government to tackle challenges relating to transparency and accountability.
  • Improved the capacity of the social sector to provide coordinated, comprehensive responses that address open government, transparency, and accountability.
  • Expanded opportunities for community-led advocacy.
  • Fostered collaborative networks between government and civil society to raise awareness of issues that threaten transparency and good governance.
  • Provided leadership training to 400 women, 50 percent of whom decided to run for elected office in December 2014. Of those, 97 women were elected, increasing women’s representation in municipal government by 30 percent.
  • Trained nearly 2,500 women and men on women’s rights and advocating for women’s issues
  • Engaged 3,185 women at workshops and seminars about key gender-related issues
  • Provided more than 100 trainings and technical assistance to women-focused civil society organizations
  • Sheltered 112 women escaping from human trafficking and forced labor
  • Awarded six grants to support women’s rights and promote women’s leadership in Azerbaijan.
  • Produce five public service announcements reaching more than 1 million people on the following topics:
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