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Civil Society Strengthening Program


Lack of coordination weakens Haiti's civil society

Many civil society organizations in Haiti lack core administrative and organizational management capacities that allow advocacy organizations to effectively carry out their intended activities. These civil society organizations also lack core tools and strategies that drive effective advocacy activities. Additionally, the level of connectivity between Haitian civil society organizations and Haitian development organizations – as well as between the civil society organizations themselves – is low and inhibits their ability to coordinate advocacy and development activities. 


The Haitian coast. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.


In partnership for a stronger Haitian civil society

As a sub awardee to local organization Papyrus, Counterpart International and a team of local partners (IFOS, Group Croissance) will work with Haitian civil society organizations, Haitian development organizations, academia, and the government of Haiti to: 

  • Strengthen advocacy, administrative, and organizational management capacities of Haitian civil society organizations 
  • Build comprehensive, efficient, effective civil society networks at national and regional levels in Haiti 
  • Support productive working relationships between Haitian civil society organizations and development actors 

Connecting Haitian civil society

Over the life of the project, we aim to:

  1. Provide the following to up to 250 Haitian civil society organizations
    • Advocacy, administrative, and organizational management capacity building plans
    • A full suite of advocacy, administrative, and organizational management capacity development building tools – including advocacy manuals, training, coaching, technical assistance from consultants, and membership in sector organizations
    • Practical learning grants for advocacy and advocacy, administrative, and organizational management related activities
    • Participation in an internship hosting program
    • Workshops on leadership, coalition building and networking
    • Advisory assistance on coordination with development actors and sustainable participation in national priorities
    • Data on relevant opportunities for action in Haiti by region via territorial opportunity mapping
  2. Map the Haitian civil society landscape via a Social Network Analysis
  3. Establish resource and innovation hubs for Haitian civil society organizations
  4. Organize exchange programs on advocacy issues
  5. Launch summits on territorial priorities to highlight civil society collaboration, strategies, and knowledge sharing

Through prime awardee Papyrus, a local Haitian organization

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