PartnerSHIP for Impact Delivers its First Shipment of Emergency Supplies in Ukraine

August 26, 2015

PartnerSHIP for Impact (P4I) celebrated World Humanitarian Day by sending a shipment of medical and household supplies to help an estimated 15,000 people displaced by the crisis in Ukraine. The shipment contained $127,000 worth of medical and hygiene supplies, clothing, shoes, school supplies and other items.

Churches of Christ, based in Arkansas, became the first P4I member organization to collect, load and ship a container of relief supplies since the organization was re-launched in late 2014 under the name PartnerSHIP for Impact.  Through the P4I network, the shipment will soon be received by the Veterans of Chernobyl Benevolent Fund, a P4I local partner based in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. The supplies will then be delivered and distributed among internally displaced individuals and families in the cities of Zaporizhia and Mariupol.

“Churches of Christ is a real leader in our network and we’re looking forward to announcing more shipments of high-impact relief supplies by other P4I members,” said Ramzi Soubra, Counterpart International Program Associate.  Counterpart International serves as the Secretariat to this network of 15 member organizations and thousands of volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of people in crisis around the world.

“This shipment supplies essential commodities to those displaced, wounded, widowed and orphaned by the crisis in Ukraine,” said John L. Kachelman, Jr. of Churches of Christ and chair of the P4I steering committee. “More than two million people have been forced to flee their homes and 8,000 more have been killed. Many of us at Churches for Christ have been working with the people of Ukraine for many years and feel pain in their suffering.”

“Fortunately, P4I offers us the network to move humanitarian aid with the greatest efficiency and professionalism,” said John. “It allows us to work as a unit. Through P4I we have a citizen-to-citizen approach which guarantees that the commodities shipped will be used as the donor expects.”

Churches for Christ, which was been collecting supplies since 1999, has shipped 367 containers of emergency aid valued at more than $55 million. Their supplies have reached people in critical need and helped to save lives in 21 countries to date.

Counterpart International is proud to be the Secretariat for PartnerSHIP for Impact, a global network of staff and volunteers who are ensuring that high-impact relief supplies get to people in need around the world. For every $1 donated for shipping, the P4I network delivers $10 worth of humanitarian assistance to those who need it most. Please visit,, for more information on how you can help.

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