Improving Transparency and Accountability in Guatemala’s Health System – USAID Participación Cívica

May 7, 2020

USAID Participación Cívica provided the Fundación para el Desarrollo de Guatemala (FUNDESA) with two grants from 2017-2020 to launch and implement the Suggested Purchasing Module (SPM).

The SPM is an online application used to improve the management and inventory of medicines by national public hospitals, reducing waste by improving procurement procedures based on more accurate purchasing timelines, inventory supply, expiration dates, and anticipated need.

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance and the Ministry of Public Finances, FUNDESA and Participación Cívica have to date contributed to savings of over $32.5 million (GTQ 250 million) of the national health budget allocated to the procurement of medicines. With the SPM, the Government of Guatemala now uses more transparent and efficient procurement processes, reinvesting savings back into the national health system to better care for Guatemalans.