Help Support Women-Led Non-Profits on their Journeys to Pandemic Recovery

September 14, 2020

The WomenLead Institute (WLI) strengthens the leadership and management skills of women leaders around the world; women who run the local organizations that people turn to in times of crises. Now, with COVID-19, they too are in crisis.

In a recent survey of our program alumnae, 74% report a major or complete disruption in their ability to deliver services due to reduced funding and COVID 19-related restrictions. Yet local needs for food, health care, and security continue to rise. When asked about changes in community needs from before the pandemic, 78% report general health, 68% food insecurity, and 63% gender-based violence as significant/major concerns. The greatest barrier to addressing these critical needs is funding.

Your gift today can help ensure that these women can continue to support their communities and beneficiaries and adapt their programming to respond during, and beyond, the pandemic.

WLI alumnae lead local civil society organizations that address the most pressing needs in their communities, from palliative care to food security to gender-based violence. These women leaders have the trust of their communities, know how to reach the most vulnerable with lifesaving services, and have the partners to make it happen. WLI will provide relief awards of $500.00 – $1000.00 to alumnae organizations along with technical support from our team to help them put their plans into action.

Investing in women leaders results in stronger, more resilient organizations that adapt quickly to changing conditions. They do so much with so little. They’re already adapting services and systems to respond to this and any future crisis. Relief funds will be used to buy and distribute food, masks, and soap; connect victims of violence to shelters; build foot-pedaled water pumps, and much more. Their commitment is profound and especially vital as governments and donors strive to sustain support.