Counterpart’s Support of Landmark Elections in Mozambique

October 15, 2019

Mozambique will be holding its landmark general elections on October 15, following the signing of recent Peace and National Reconciliation Agreement between the leaders of the ruling party FRELIMO and opposition RENAMO . Through the USAID funded PCBG program, Counterpart is supporting a local domestic observation network to monitor the electoral process. A total of at least 199 trained local observers will be deployed in different parts of the country to observe this critical election.  Counterpart and its partners have developed  a series of nine video modules to be used by domestic election observers as a training and reference tool.  The videos illustrate the different phases of the voting day to be observed. These videos can be accessed on YouTube and/or downloaded to observers’ smartphones for use in the field.

Capítulo 1 – Comício


Capítulo 2 – Abertura da mesa


Capítulo 3 – Durante o decurso da votação


Capítulo 4 – Dia de votação – Perspectiva do eleitor


Capítulo 5 – Encerramento da mesa de voto


Capítulo 6 – Contagem, apuramento e qualificação dos votos


Capítulo 7 – Arrumação do Material


Capítulo 8 – Cobertura da mídia


Capítulo 9 – Período pós-eleitoral

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