Annual Report


May 11, 2022



Over the last year, communities around the world continued to experience natural and human-made disasters unlike most of us have known in our lifetimes. Covid-19 maintained its deadly march even as people struggled to end or recover from conflict and build transparent, accountable governing structures. Food insecurity kept children and families from realizing their full potential as climate change made the problem even worse. Yet in the face of these seemingly impossible challenges, people did what they have always done: they reached out to each other, forged new partnerships, and leaned on their established networks of support to find creative solutions for making their world better. 

From El Salvador to Mauritania to Timor-Leste and countries in between, Counterpart has been addressing these and other challenges with long-established partners and new ones, standing side by side to identify local solutions, and develop capacity for implementing them, tapping local expertise. As we reflect on our success and lessons learned, we are reminded of our organizational values as we look forward to continue this work. Join us.

For the full 2021 annual report, featuring program highlights, video, and measures, we invite you to experience our annual report interactive at the link above.