Advancing Inclusion, Investing in Women

Explore Counterpart's work through our interactive 2023 annual report that highlights the important role women play in our global success.

Counterpart’s Legacy in the Kyrgyz Republic

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Counterpart helped to pave the way for civil society in the region through the USAID-funded NGO Consortium Support Initiative. Learn more about our legacy in giving a voice to civil society in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Advocating for Improved Health in Bangladesh

This story from our Promoting Rights and Advocacy project shows how we are working to improve public health in Dhaka by supporting citizen engagement.
Food Systems

Brakna Community Celebrates the Power of School Meals

Counterpart’s USDA McGovern-Dole project in Mauritania brought government and local stakeholders together to emphasize the role school meals play in enabling children to reach their full potential.
Food Systems

Showcasing School Feeding in Mozambique

Our USDA McGovern-Dole program aims to reduce hunger and improve literacy through school feeding, which serves as an important incentive to families to keep their children in school longer, improving access to education and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.
Focus Areas

Standing alongside our partners for positive, lasting change

For more than 55 years and in more than 65 countries around the world, Counterpart has partnered with leaders, organizations, and networks to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive.

Our Stories

Bringing together experts and activists

We’re touching lives in communities around the world. Read our stories to find out how.

Counterpart Convenes OGP Community Dialogue in Armenia

Counterpart Convenes OGP Community Dialogue in Armenia

While Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine each have their own challenges when it comes to upholding democratic values and practices, the Open Government Partnership recently brought them together to bolster...
Counterpart’s Commitment to Climate Resilience and Biodiversity

Counterpart’s Commitment to Climate Resilience and Biodiversity

Counterpart International has long demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability and climate resilience across its projects. From food security to water access to green energy solutions, Counterpart’s global projects all...
Citizen-Led Advocacy Supports Marginalized Communities in Bangladesh

Citizen-Led Advocacy Supports Marginalized Communities in Bangladesh

How can government, civil society, and citizens work together to improve public services and build a more sustainable future? Counterpart’s USAID-funded Promoting Advocacy and Rights project brought these groups together...
Improving Public Health through the Power of Mentorship

Improving Public Health through the Power of Mentorship

This story is part of a series of profiles of Global Women In Management alumni who have gone through training and mentorship with Counterpart International and brought the lessons learned back to...
Our Impact

Alongside our partners we achieve outstanding results


farmers improved their technical skills through our Food for Progress training in Guatemala


textbooks in French and Arabic written and distributed in Mauritania


children fed through our USDA programs in Africa each school day


governance councils established in Dominican Republic and Haiti to preserve biodiversity

Partnering with Counterpart

Standing alongside our counterparts for lasting change

We partner with leaders, organizations, and networks striving for more open government, resilient food systems, natural resource protection, and improved livelihoods.

“Counterpart... has provided us a greenhouse for tomato production, and now the quality and the quantity of tomatoes have improved and enabled us to sell our produce at a much better price.”
Marcos Ordóñez Andrés
CADER Promoter, Guatemala
“I would never have thought that hyenas and dogs would find themselves [feasting] on the same corpse without experiencing any arguments... But here we are today in discussion with those we feared without complacency and without fear of reprisal.”
Youth representative
“We appreciate Counterpart because you are working in silence with impactful results.”
Mohamed Melainine Ould Eyih
Former Minister of Education, Mauritania
“We have never seen this multistakeholders’ unity/coordination mechanism ever, which was possible by Shushilan consortium under this project. We thank you… for your support to make us coordinated to respond to citizen needs.”
Sheikh Mohammad Ali
Councilor, Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh