Supporting the Efforts of Partners in Malawi

We support local organizations in delivering critical services, especially related to HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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2014 — 2015

Women’s Peace Building in Papua New Guinea

We helped women-led organizations provide trauma counseling and reduce gender-based violence.

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Counterpart’s Local Leaders – Bedilu Shegen, Malawi

Bedilu Shegen talks about his experience leading the Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Alliance (ESTA) project and his goals for Counterpart’s new Supporting the Efforts of Partners (STEPs) program in Malawi.

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What’s the role for civil society in SDG Implementation & Monitoring? Check the data to learn more.

The United Nation (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set to launch this coming September, will be the global guidepost for development priorities over the next 15 years.

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Counterpart International in Guatemala

Counterpart International spoke with participants of the Community Tourism Alliance and Food for Progress programs while its Board of Directors was visiting Guatemala on a Learning Tour.

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Insights from Guatemala

I recently traveled to Guatemala with fellow Board members, Joan Parker and Counterpart staff.

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Protecting 10th Century Artifacts Restores an Ethiopian Community

For more than 72 years, “The Ark of the Covenant,” believed to shelter the 10 Commandments given to Moses, remained safe among the Zay people on the southern Ethiopian island of Tulu Gudo.

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Investing in the development of local farmers in Guatemala

73 extensionists graduated from Counterpart International’s Certificate Rural Extension Program in April, the first class since the closing of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA) extension system and university programs in 1990.

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Change agents in Guatemala

In the rural areas of Guatemala, Counterpart International is providing technical support to over 80 extension agents from the Ministry of Agriculture, through a number of trainings and teaching methods. 22 are women

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VIDEO: Protecting Coastal Environments in the Caribbean

One the island of Hispaniola, both Haiti and the Dominican Republic are trying to balance human development with sustainable coastal ecosystems.

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Together with our local partners, we are improving health and nutrition, expanding access to education, strengthening climate resiliency, enhancing people’s livelihoods, and ensuring communities are governed more inclusively. In each project, we track our goals, monitor the progress, and evaluate impact.



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