Christian Arandel is Counterpart International’s Senior Technical Director, Governance. Arandel brings a wide range of skills and experience with governance methodologies applied across sectors, including health.  His technical expertise includes political economy analysis, local systems frameworks, government capacity assessment frameworks, social accountability tools, service improvement planning, public-private partnerships, and policy analysis. He has applied these skills and methodologies to develop and document strategies to use governance approaches to achieve social outcomes within cross-sectoral programs in Guinea, Niger, and Senegal.  Through these programs, he contributed to developing methodologies to strengthen sectoral governance mechanisms (health/education boards or user associations), enhance transparency and accountability in service delivery and strengthen the capacity of local governments to coordinate, and fund improved basic services.

Arandel is the co-chair of the Society for International Development Peace and Security workgroup.

Before Joining Counterpart
His experience includes senior leadership positions at RTI International (2008 to 2017), Chief of Party for the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Morocco Local Governance Program (LGP-2005 to 2008) as well as project manager for several governance programs, including the Iraq Local Governance Project and the Guinea Faisons Ensemble project.

Arandel recently played a leading role in developing and implementing the research methodology for the Cross-Sectoral Programming project which examined global best practices in DRG integration across sectors. The report made specific recommendations to USAID on how to successfully work with health sector specialists to integrate governance approaches in health programs and measure their impacts.


  • M.A., University of Michigan
  • Diploma, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.
  • Diploma, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Strasbourg, France

He is fluent in French and English and has studied Arabic and German.