Our values embody our deepest beliefs and our highest aspirations. They drive and inform our culture. They answer the questions: What does Counterpart International believe? What matters most to us? What will we stay true to? They reflect what the organization strives for – they are rock-solid, enduring, and non-negotiable.

Counterpart International’s values are a reflection of how we work as individuals, as an organization, and as partners with external stakeholders. We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to practicing our core values on each of these levels and we seek partners that share similar values.


Convene diverse stakeholders across disciplines and geographies to co-design collaborative solutions for lasting impact.


Do the right thing. Demonstrate transparency in decision making and accountability to our partners. Follow through on our commitments.


Set high standards and deliver quality results with ethical and transparent decision making that celebrates innovation, learning, and adapting.

Global Citizenship

Anchor programs and partnerships in promoting human rights and champion inclusive, anti-racist, diverse, and equitable operations. Challenge ignorance and intolerance. Foster participation and mutual respect.


Learn and develop skills. Mentor and champion others. Achieve a healthy work-life balance. Make a positive difference. Thrive.


Helping people build better lives and more durable futures is a challenge we undertake each day with the support of our partners and donors. Join us in creating stronger, healthier, and more inclusive communities around the world.