We have the privilege of meeting remarkable people through our work — individuals and organizations that inspire us to imagine a better future. These 50FORWARD Heroes persevere against all odds to improve their communities and people’s lives.

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One Idea Sparks Five Decades of Change

In 1965, the organization that would later become Counterpart International officially opened its doors. Fifty years later, our work is still grounded in our respect for the courage and determination of people to drive their own destinies. HOW IT BEGAN


By training emerging leaders, driving inclusion, accelerating partnerships and building problem-solving skills that become embedded in the fabric of a community, we join with our local partners to overcome today’s challenges, while building for tomorrow.


Helping people build better lives and more durable futures is a challenge we undertake every day with the support of our partners and donors. Join us in creating stronger, healthier, and more inclusive communities around the world. DONATE NOW PARTNER WITH US