A Few Words From Our Partners

“Counterpart’s organizational capacity building awakened Tovwirane from a deep slumber which could have cost the organization a lot. These sessions unleash bitter truths that you can’t run away from if you want to change. Counterpart’s program has pushed us to greater heights.”
Osward Nyirenda, Executive Director of Tovwirane, Malawi
“Counterpart is the only international NGO who said, ‘we’ll help you with your priorities.’ It’s the kind of help you trust getting from a brother or sister.”
Mano Aghali, Minister of Health, Niger
“Senegal has something to show for school canteens in its northern part and we essentially owe it to the whole team at Counterpart International.”
El Hadjj Seck, Head of School Canteen Division, Senegal
“It’s important to take a community-based approach to sustainable development and that’s why we teamed up with Counterpart. We feel fortunate to have a partner with a global mission, and one that also stresses local empowerment as a solution.”
AgroFrontera, Dominican Republic
“Counterpart International is like a mother to WIN – they helped us to be born. Without Counterpart, WIN wouldn’t exist. And without WIN, the future wouldn’t be as bright for Yemen’s women and girls, even during this difficult time.”
Women’s Independent Network (WIN), Yemen
“Our relationship with Counterpart is horizontal. Counterpart has a commitment to rural development, and its staff perfectly understood our philosophy, approach, and work methodology. More than 30,000 thousand families have received training to improve their standard of living, with the direct participation of Counterpart.”
Guatemala Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA)
“For us, Counterpart was never merely a donor. Counterpart was a partner, an organization we could rely on at any moment for technical support, network-building, strategizing, and evaluating.”
Community Fund Chepelare, Bulgaria


Our collaborating partners are on the ground with us helping build the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to become solution creators. They each bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to our projects, and they share Counterpart’s commitment to trust, transparency and integrity. Learn more about a few of our featured collaborators.

Women’s Association for Rational Development (WARD)

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, WARD seeks to empower women across the country by helping build leadership skills, raise awareness about women’s rights, and advocate for more women to participate in government.

Afghan National Participation Association (ANPA)

ANPA focuses on civic education, election participation, advocacy, capacity building, and women’s rights. They recently collaborated with us on a project to help women leaders break through cultural barriers.

Tunaniya Open Learning Centre.

By improving literacy rates, providing job skills training, and offering counseling and meditation services, the Tunaniya Open Learning Centre promotes peace and prosperity in Bougainville,
Papua New Guinea.

Our Funders

Our funding partners provide resources and support that make our work possible and increases our ability to provide grants to local partners to reach more people in communities around the world. Get to know a few of our funders: 
As the lead U.S. Government agency working to end extreme global poverty and enable democratic societies to realize their potential, USAID has been a long-time funding partner with Counterpart and supports our innovative work to promote civic participation in some of the most challenging places in the world.
The MacArthur Foundation is committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. Our partnership in the Dominican Republic is a long term effort to improve climate resiliency of this coastal nation and advance new strategies to climate change mitigation.
USDA is a leader on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues. Our partnership with USDA over more than a decade has improved health and nutrition and food security in rural communities.


Helping people build better lives and more durable futures is a challenge we undertake each day with the support of our partners and donors. Join us in creating stronger, healthier, and more inclusive communities around the world.