March 2019

Towards Zero Maternal Death

Andyford Zulu, 59, a member of ZINGO REFLECT Circle, recalls the not-so-distant past when child-birth was a matter of life and death in his village, …

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October 2017

#SASZambia: Zambian Government and Citizens Come Together for Social Accountability Commitment

By Stephanie Benedict “Through communication between communities and government, the impact is simple yet profound.” — Christopher Krafft, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy Zambia …

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September 2017

Civil Society and Government Collaborate for Successful Development

Citizen participation can take many forms – from volunteering and voting, to contacting public officials and advocating for change at the local level. As Counterpart …

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August 2017

Community-Driven Education in Zambia

For children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia during the 1990s and early 2000s, the lack of access to a school adds significantly to …

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Fostering Accountability and Transparency in Zambia

The government of Zambia, while politically stable, struggles with corruption.

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