March 2017

Education Before Marriage – Supporting Women’s Rights in Niger

Lucie Amadou has been at Counterpart for almost a year supporting our Participatory Responsive Governance (PRG) program in Niger, funded by the U.S. Agency for …

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2016 — 2021

Participatory Responsive Governance in Niger

Since 1991, Niger has experienced a series of political upheavals…

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Food Aid for Disabled Children in Niger

We provided meals to poor children with disabilities to reduce malnutrition and keep kids in school.

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FAIR Helps Support and Empower Disabled Communities in Niger

Lack of food and poor nutrition can impact nearly every layer of society. Most often, those who suffer most are those who can do little to change their situation.

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Expanded Niger food program means children with disabilities won’t be left out

Even in a place like Niger, where most families struggle through chronic food shortages, some people are especially vulnerable to hunger.

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Prescription for World Health Day: local leadership

Maté Mint Sidi Ali never envisioned herself as a leader in health care. But when Counterpart International came to her rural Mauritanian village recruiting volunteers to serve as community health workers, she jumped at the chance.

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Wetland farming reinvigorates a community, providing stability and opportunity

With 72 hectares of reservoir-fed land, the community of Issoufouri at the edge of the Sahara in Niger had a valuable resource. Beginning in 1970, …

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U.S. Ambassador Bisa Williams visits Counterpart projects in Niger

A women’s group in the small village of Issoufouri, Niger is bringing local food shortages under control through its efficient management of a cereal bank. The women-owned and operated facility caters to the community’s grain needs while also generating income.

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Children with Disabilities in Niger to Receive Food Assistance

Impoverished children with disabilities in the capital of Niger will receive two meals a day as part of a new one-year program to reduce malnutrition and keep kids in school, the U.S. Ambassador to Niger and Counterpart International announced on June 2, 2011.

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Helping Women and Children Fight Malnutrition in Niger

By Maggie Farrand Meet Fassouma. She’s 18 years old, married with three children. She and her husband grow millet and beans on their land to …

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