July 2021

The Domino Effects of Climate Change

By Isabel Nieves, Intern We often hear about the devastating effects of climate change and the future consequences if we do not begin taking greater …

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August 2018

Forging New Partnerships in Tbilisi: Working Together Toward Open Government

Recently, at an event in D.C. focused on Democracy in the Western Hemisphere, USAID Administrator Mark Green told stories from his travels around the world …

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October 2017

Supporting Agents of Change in Honduras

Crime, violence and corruption have long been impediments to creating safe communities and improving livelihoods in Honduras. In 2011, the small Central American nation had …

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June 2017

Making Progress in Honduras

Imagine looking your 8-year old child in the eyes, with hands on their shoulders saying, “You have to go. You have to go.” You’re not …

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February 2017

Transparent Organizations, Transparent Government

“Honduran society is tired of speeches about corruption while not one corrupt politician is paying for their actions in prison,” explained Gabriela Castellanos, the Executive Director …

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May 2016

Hope in Honduras

As the crisp mountain air sweeps through the jungles of Honduras, change is in the air. In spite of the threat of ongoing violence, in …

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December 2015

#50FORWARD Hero: Onasis Keusen

Onasis Keusen helped his community in Honduras believe in their community and their right to live free of violence.

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Citizen Participation for Responsive Governance in Honduras

We support local leaders and organizations working to keep government accountable and engaged in their communities.

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Scholarship Program Helps Students Strengthen their Communities in Honduras

María Nely Laínez is a homeless single mother of two. She is also, at 29-years-old, finally a student in the eighth grade.

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In the barrios of Honduras, small steps forward count

By Jennifer Brookland A throng of adorable kindergarteners are clamoring to answer their teacher’s questions on road safety at a one-room school in Barrio El …

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