February 2012

Starting early with those who need it most in Senegal

The word malnutrition commonly conjures up an image of a small child or infant in need of nourishment at perhaps the most critical time of their growth. However, they are just as vulnerable to malnutrition before they are even born.

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February 2012

Filling stomachs, feeding minds in Senegal

The children attending the Agnan Lidoube elementary school in northeast Senegal were considered the more fortunate ones. Although many of the students went to school hungry, at least they had an opportunity to attend school.

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February 2012

Keeping vulnerable children off the street and in the classroom in Senegal

The old “classroom” used by a religious school called the Daara Thierno Malal Talla was nothing more than a small roof made of thatched branches held up by some old poles. It leaned against a hut made of mud that looked equally shaky.

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December 2011

School Feeding Given Higher Priority in Cameroon

In the remote village of Tadu in Northwest Cameroon, the approximately 5,000 inhabitants – Mbororo people and others – live with poverty, malnutrition and low school enrollment rates, especially among girls.

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August 2011

Digital Teaching Improves Quality of Instruction in Turkmenistan

Until recently, access to interactive e-learning classes was only a dream for students of the Turkmen State Polytechnic Institute. Traditional teaching methods – books and lectures – were all the students had.

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July 2011

School feeding program boosts enrollment, student performance in Cameroon

Providing children with a nutritious meal at school is fuel for learning in the Bui Division of Northwest Cameroon and has proven one of the most reliable ways to ensure a healthy learning environment.

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Community-Run Eco-Tourism Generates Jobs in Guatemala

Indigenous community leaders in a remote, poor region of Guatemala’s northern Alta Verapaz province needed to generate sustainable jobs but had few resources and no training that could be used to create an enterprise.

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January 2011

School Gardens in Cameroon Sustain Local School Feeding

On December 7, 2010, Counterpart International celebrated the delivery and distribution of critically needed medical equipment at the Telavi Maternity House, known locally as “Sikharuli,”

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