June 2022

Turi Kumwe helps marginalized youth gain confidence, launch businesses

The Turi Kumwe (We are Together) project in Burundi supported the social integration of Chadrack Miburo and helped him take advantage of economic opportunities. Chadrack …

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2021 — 2026


Challenge Since returning to democratic rule in 2011, the Government of Niger has taken important steps to curb corruption, increase transparency, and push for decentralization. …

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Increasing Women’s Participation in Counterpart’s PAR Program

This blog is part of a series of articles written by University of Dayton students, published as part of Counterpart’s Next Generation in Thought Leadership …

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A Case Study on Strengthening Women’s Leadership and Integrating Women, Peace, and Security Objectives into Global Fragility Programming

The United States Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability fulfills the Global Fragility Act of 2019’s mandate to establish an interagency Global Fragility Strategy. …

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Introducing CAMEL: Counterpart’s Complexity-Aware Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Framework

Counterpart’s Complexity-Aware Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (CAMEL) ties together complexity-aware monitoring (C-AM) and Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptability (CLA) into one framework. In Niger, Sentinel Indicators …

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Counterpart’s Approach to Women, Peace, and Security

International development is increasingly shaped by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV). The World Bank projects that by 2030, the number of countries affected by FCV …

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Young Africans Employ Leadership Training to Transform Their Communities: A snapshot of three YALI alumni

In Niger, a country with one of the highest fertility rates in the world, the topic of infertility is taboo. Aïcha Macky, a young Nigerien …

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Yale School of Management

Yale Economic Development Symposium

Yale SOM’s annual Economic Development Symposium was held on February 15, 2019 with the goal of exploring how economic development strategies can produce more equitable societies and improve quality of life. The Symposium agenda included panels ranging from integrating climate considerations into development projects to the future of work, and featured keynotes from New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and Counterpart International EVP Ann Hudock.

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Leader of AMATE receives honorable mention in the Rice Award 2019

Roberto Zapata, human rights defender and leader of AMATE El Salvador, an organization that defends the rights of the LGBTI population in El Salvador, received …

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Promoting Local Ownership of Knowledge Through Stakeholder-Driven TWP

Thinking and Working Politically (TWP) has been a game changer for development practitioners.  Whether it is through applied Political Economy Analysis, Gender Analysis, or Systems Mapping, TWP is a vast suite of methodologies to guide activity …

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