May 2016

Hope in Honduras

As the crisp mountain air sweeps through the jungles of Honduras, change is in the air. In spite of the threat of ongoing violence, in …

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November 2015

Creating Hope for Farmers in Guatemala

After a late night at work, I’m driving home and listening to a BBC story about Guatemala’s farmers. I know something about Guatemalan farmers

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Congo Demokrasia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Counterpart is supporting and strengthening civil society organizations who are working to increase voter participation and peaceful civic engagement.

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Fostering Accountability and Transparency in Zambia

The government of Zambia, while politically stable, struggles with corruption.

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Reducing Child Labor through Education and Services in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is the seventh-poorest country in the world.

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Yemen Responsive Governance Project

We supported leaders, organizations and networks working toward a more inclusive government.

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Turi Kumwe (We Are Together) in Burundi

We help youth leaders gain the skills, networks and livelihoods needed to improve economic well-being and reduce violence.

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Counterpart’s Local Leaders – Bedilu Shegen, Malawi

Bedilu Shegen talks about his experience leading the Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Alliance (ESTA) project and his goals for Counterpart’s new Supporting the Efforts of Partners (STEPs) program in Malawi.

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Community Group Saves their Farms, Futures

Fabian Perez was all alone. After years of civil war crippled Guatemala’s highlands, farmers were used to working independently.

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Counterpart International in Guatemala

Counterpart International spoke with participants of the Community Tourism Alliance and Food for Progress programs while its Board of Directors was visiting Guatemala on a Learning Tour.

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