Zambian Governance Foundation

Campaign for accountability in Zambia launched

Civil society organisations working under USAID’s Fostering Accountability and Transparency (FACT) programme launched a national campaign to promote citizen engagement in Zambia’s democratic and socio-economic development through enhanced transparency and accountability in all spheres of life. The FACT partners included Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC), Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), Women for Change (WfC), Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO), Zambia Interfaith Networking Group (ZINGO), Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS), Extractive Industries Transparency Alliance (EITA) and Rise Community Aid Programme (RICAP).

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September 2019

Instilling a Culture of Civic Engagement among Congolese Youth

In December 2018, Aminata Namasia became the youngest elected Member of Parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  In this youthful country, where nearly …

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Yale School of Management

Yale Economic Development Symposium

Yale SOM’s annual Economic Development Symposium was held on February 15, 2019 with the goal of exploring how economic development strategies can produce more equitable societies and improve quality of life. The Symposium agenda included panels ranging from integrating climate considerations into development projects to the future of work, and featured keynotes from New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and Counterpart International EVP Ann Hudock.

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Eric S. Johnson, Frontier Myanmar

Who will fight internet lies in Myanmar?

There are organisations demoting misinformation on Facebook in some Asian nations but not in Myanmar and that needs to change.

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August 2019

The Importance of Balanced Partnerships to Defend Human Rights and Democracies in Cyberspace

In its early days, the Internet was often described as a Utopian technology in service of promoting and protecting of human rights. It represented a …

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Afghanistan radio program bridges elections information gap

June 2019

Helping the poorest advocate for better services in Morocco

When poor people build homes, they often cannot obtain formal proof of property ownership. That often prevents them from receiving public services such as household …

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June 2019

Helping Morocco’s mountain residents find their voice

Although Morocco’s Atlas and Rif mountains are home to almost a quarter of the country’s population, the mountain communities have the country’s highest rates of …

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June 2019

The Digital Disruption of Human Rights

In countries such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka, fake news on social media has become the frontline between Muslims and Buddhists. In one instance in …

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Just Security

To Battle Russian Disinformation, Ukraine Mimics … Russia

In the five years since the conflict between Ukraine and Russia began, several Ukrainian initiatives have been introduced to reduce the influence of Russian disinformation and cyberwarfare.

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