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Request for Independent Consultants (RFIC) for Iraq Civil Society Activity Gender Analysis

November 14, 2023

RFIC Number:HQ-RFIC-1118-2023-01

Offer Deadline: November 27 2023 9:00 a.m., EST/ 5 p.m. Iraq time

Offers Submission:

Counterpart International is soliciting offers for consultancy services as described in this Request for Independent Consultant (RFIC). These services are required under the Iraq Civil Society Activity (ICSA) funded by United States Agency for International Development. The purpose of the five-year USAID-funded Iraq Civil Society Activity is to strengthen citizen engagement and participation in the public sphere, especially among women and youth. ICSA will adopt a purposeful and planned approach to integrating women, youth, people living with disabilities, poor households, and other traditionally excluded groups into decision-making roles throughout implementation. As part of the ICSA’s Refine and Implementation (R&I) phase, a gender analysis and action plan will be completed as one of the key technical deliverables.

More information and submission instructions are available in the full document.

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