In May 2012, Counterpart International conducted a gender assessment that would inform the effective integration of gender in the implementation of its program in Honduras. The gender assessment served to identify current gaps and potential opportunities in promoting gender equality in civil society in Hondurasas well as to provide guidance and operational input in integrating and mainstreaming gender into overall project implementation.

Counterpart is implementing the Citizen Participation for Responsive Governance program, known locally in Honduras as “IMPACTOS”, a five-year initiative funded by USAID that combines two different yet very intertwined and complementary components: 1) the Citizen Participation for Responsive Governance (CPRG) component, which aims to increase the transparency and accountability of public institutions through support for civil society-led initiatives, and 2) the Community Action for Prosperity (CAP) component, which aims to improve citizen and community safety by strengthening local communities’ and governments’ ability to prevent threats from gangs and narco-trafficking.

This report highlights gender specific challenges relating to poverty, human security and corruption.  It outlines women’s involvement in civil society and the current state of the women’s movement in Honduras.  The report presents opportunities for promoting gender equality relating to the three above mentioned areas of intervention for IMPACTOS.  It concludes with specific recommendations for Counterpart and its implementing partners for strengthening gender awareness and promoting gender equality within and through the work of IMPACTOS.