The report’s author, Barry Walsh, consulted with Counterpart’s Chief of Party, Carolyn Tanner, and the President of the Timor-Leste Court of Appeal, Justice Guilhermino Da Silva in framing recommendations for ways to advance the general effectiveness of the regional courts in Timor-Leste.

Counterpart, through its sub-partner Tt DPK has been working with the Court of Appeal to focus technical support on developing and implementing improved statistical reporting as an important management tool to understand and improve functionality in the two district Courts. Additionally, Counterpart is supporting the two district Courts to make small changes that will improve accessibility by the general population. Training by national and international experts has been provided on leadership, court administration, statistics and the use of advanced excel as a simple data analysis tool.

As recommended in this report, Counterpart has also supported local NGO the Judicial System Monitoring Programme to monitor and write a thematic report on the outcomes in domestic violence cases as a way to assess the consistency and adequacy of court orders and sentencing in domestic violence cases, since these cases dominate the Court docket.