Local organizations and training centers committed to peacebuilding and supporting youth development and economic opportunity.


Equipping local leaders and organizations to spread peace, increase safety and improve economic security.


Eight communes in six provinces of northern and central-eastern Burundi: Kayanza, Ngozi, Karuzi, Gitega, Rutana and Ruyigi.


Connecting at-risk youth to vocational training, cash-for-work programs and activities to engender conflict resolution and peacebuilding.


Burundi is a young nation with 66 percent of the population under the age of 25. It is still struggling to emerge from a destructive twelve-year civil war. Although Burundi transitioned to a democracy in 2005, its democratic environment has steadily deteriorated, which set the stage for the 2015 electoral crisis. Security has made a marked improvement, but the conflict in Burundi remains unresolved. Political inclusion, economic marginalization, land and resource competition, poor governance, and political and judicial impunity, combined with intimidation and violence, continue to drive conflict and instability. This lingering conflict represents a potential for further violence around the 2020 electoral process and may lead to the risk of youth being manipulated into participating in violence.


The Youth for Peacebuilding in Burundi II project helps improve the livelihoods and peacebuilding skills of youth, and their enabling environments, thereby reducing the risk of youth becoming involved in conflict and contributing to peace and stability in Burundi. The program achieves these aims through:

  • building the capacity of local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to empower and support youth-led, positive civic engagement;
  • enhancing economic incentives for youth to participate constructively in society; and
  • supporting youth-led peacebuilding and violence-prevention activities.


To date, the program’s successes include:

  • 7,987 youth trained on violence prevention, conflict mitigation and peacebuilding;
  • 1,200 youth enrolled in cash-for-work activities;
  • 301 youth received vocational training;
  • 800 youth from different backgrounds participated in three Youth Cultural Exchange days;
  • 2,000 community members participated in “peace concerts” in five communes;
  • 1,243 youth participated in Entrepreneurship Learning Exchange Days; and
  • 200 dialogues conducted with at-risk youth around existing or potential conflict topics

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Funder: United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Collaborators: PARCEM Burundi; Union for the Promotion of the Batwa; National Youth Network to Fight AIDS; Fountain ISOKO; Burundi Girl Scouts Association; Youth Twinning for Burundi; Search for Common Ground; Association des Guides du Burundi (AGB); Fontaine Isoko pour la Gouvernance et le Développement Intégré (Fontaine Isoko); Jumelage Jeunesse Burundi (JJB); Parole et Action pour le Réveil des Consciences et l’Evolution des Mentalités (PARCEM); Réseau National des Jeunes Engagés (RENAJES); Unissons-nous pour la promotion des Batwa (UNIPROBA).

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