Local civil society organizations working directly with youth in rural areas.


Equipping emerging youth leaders to drive positive change in their communities.


Nine rural communities in three regions of Tajikistan: the Zarafshan Valley, the Rasht Valley and Badakhshan.


Training emerging leaders and supporting local organizations committed to empowering young people in their communities.


In the mountainous, rural areas of Tajikistan, a short supply of teachers and school funding means only core subjects are taught and few extracurricular activities are offered. Livelihoods are also scarce, and traditional views on gender roles mean many youth – especially young women – lack access to enriching educations and economic opportunities. Feeling they have little hope for a purposeful, fulfilling future, many teenagers become withdrawn and disconnected.


Counterpart’s Young Leaders Program is equipping the youth of Tajikistan to become socially conscious citizens, driving change to help their communities prosper. In partnership with local organizations working with youth after school and during the summer, our program supports youth leadership through:

  • leadership and civic engagement training;
  • partnerships with local government to secure public spaces for youth to convene;
  • collaboration with international organizations to maximize grant funding and technical assistance for youth-led development projects.


During the span of our project, Counterpart:

  • provided small grants and technical assistance for 206 development projects designed by young leaders and expected to improve the lives of 12,800 people;
  • trained 315 youth on civic education issues during an intensive, 10-week course and after school activities;
  • trained 600 youth on topics such as leadership, communications and women’s rights;
  • helped 270 youths build networks with one another, including at six summer camps where youth learned lessons of leadership, volunteerism, democracy, human rights and government.

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Funder: United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Collaborators: Ministry of Education; State Committee on Youth, Sport and Tourism; Academy of Education; Teachers Training Institute; Center for Strategic Research under the President of Republic of Tajikistan; Women of Orient; Marifatnoki; Khirad.