Social sector networks helping citizens engage with government, especially women and youth.


More inclusive governance so all voices are heard and basic services such as education and health care are provided


We worked in both northern and southern Yemen.


Training emerging leaders, capacity building for civil society organizations, network building for the social sector.


Hopes for a peaceful democratic transition, and more inclusive government were raised through the National Dialogue process and other efforts surrounding constitutional reform. Unfortunately, deteriorating security conditions in the country required Counterpart to leave the country in the spring of 2015.


For more than four years, the Yemen Responsive Governance Project strengthened the capacity of civil society organizations and helped citizens – especially women – engage peacefully and productively with government. We worked directly with key government ministries to help them better respond to public needs, even amid political turmoil. We also helped the people of Yemen, especially women, youth and other marginalized populations, build networks and work together to ensure their voices were heard.


  • Supported 650 civil society organizations helping citizens participate in the National Dialogue process, including 12,000 youth.
  • Organized a two-day National Women’s Conference, joining 900 local leaders and government officials to address women’s needs in the National Dialogue process
  • Three million people reached through public outreach campaigns led by local organizations
  • 31,500 people reached in community discussions and advocacy campaigns
  • Helped establish the Women’s Independent Network, the first coalition for independently-affiliated women in Yemen;
  • Helped establish a 30 percent representation quota for women at all levels of government
  • Helped establish the Civil Strengthening Network, joining 97 organizations and 14 governorates promoting the civic engagement of Yemen’s citizens
  • Broadcast 19 youth-driven radio shows to help young people speak out about Yemen’s political transition
  • Trained 500 government employees and civil society activists on corruption, civic engagement, and accountability
  • Assisted in crafting Yemen’s open-government law and helped local organizations learn to successfully advocate for legislative reform
  • Assisted local organizations in promoting women’s issues such maternal health and women’s empowerment in Yemen

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Funder: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Collaborators: Civil Society Network (CSN); the Women’s Independent Network (WIN) and the Yemeni Independent Youth Network (YIYN)

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