Emerging women leaders, and civil society organizations committed to improving gender equality.


Promoting gender equality through more inclusive governance and access to education and employment for women.


At the community level in municipalities across Azerbaijan, especially rural areas.


Leadership training for women; capacity building for local groups working for equal representation for women.


In Azerbaijan, where only 17 percent of women hold decision-making positions in national parliaments, many women lack the training and experience needed to feel confident as leaders. Without faith in themselves – or the support of their families and neighbors – the cycle often continues. Too few women step up as leaders, women remain underrepresented in government and citizens don’t see enough strong women role models. Too few government officials advocate for, and represent, the needs of women. Additionally, although the government has made progress in promoting gender equality through key policies, discriminatory laws remain, impacting issues including early marriage, domestic violence, education, healthcare and employment.


Our Women’s Participation Program promotes gender equality and empowers women to become confident and capable leaders – whether that be in their government, workplace, community or family. We partner with and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to provide women with skills and leadership training and raise public awareness about gender issues. We also work with government agencies to advocate for policy reforms allowing for more equal treatment and representation of women.


  • Provided leadership training to 400 women, 50 percent of whom decided to run for elected office in December 2014. Of those, 97 women were elected, increasing women’s representation in municipal government by 30 percent.
  • Trained nearly 2,500 women and men on women’s rights and advocating for women’s issues
  • Engaged 3,185 women at workshops and seminars about key gender-related issues
  • Provided more than 100 trainings and technical assistance to women-focused civil society organizations
  • Sheltered 112 women escaping from human trafficking and forced labor
  • Awarded six grants to support women’s rights and promote women’s leadership in Azerbaijan.
  • Produce five public service announcements reaching more than 1 million people on the following topics:

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Funder: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Collaborators: State Committee for Family, Women and Children; Women’s Association for Rational Development; Women Leaders; Tomris; Solidarity Among Women; Clean World and Women for Development of Municipalities