Counterpart seeks opportunities to partner with corporations and foundations that, like us, recognize the imperative of strengthening the social sector globally. Through Counterpart’s Social Sector Accelerator we accelerate social investments in capable partners, accelerate the impact of leaders, organizations and networks and improve the quality of social investment partnerships by providing tools and resources to corporations and philanthropic organizations that build the capacity of their grantees to improve their performance and achieve their mission.

We also serve as an intermediary grant-maker to local organizations based on our belief that local organizations are best able to identify and solve their most pressing challenges. Specifically, in nine of the countries where we worked in 2015, we awarded 245 sub-grants to local organizations.

To learn more about the mutual benefits of partnering with us to strengthen the social sector, please tell us a bit more about your interests.

Counterpart International has an Operating Reserve Policy of 15% that is applied to all nongovernmental grants to build and sustain a dedicated fund for organizational-wide initiatives.