Amid Yemen’s current political crisis, many civil society leaders and organizations are continuing their work towards achieving a peaceful and accountable democratic government. Our Responsive Governance Project helped local organizations and citizens – especially women and youth – make their voices heard during the political transition process, including during the National Dialogue Conference.

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January 2018

Delivering Humanitarian Aid in Yemen, former Counterpart staff Begin Partnership with United Nations

In December, Musaeed Al-Taheri received some very good news. The organization he co-founded, Responsiveness for Relief and Development (RRD), heard confirmation that the UN Office …

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March 2015

Taking the Journey with Them

It’s a rare event when four Chiefs of Party are at Counterpart’s headquarters on the same day, and I had the pleasure of visiting with Ellie Valentine (Yemen), Hassan Baroudy (Morocco), Clive Bacon (Zambia) and Eduardo Flores-Trejo (an incoming CoP).

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July 2014

Civil Society Successes in Yemen Applauded by US Embassy and USAID

More than 150 people attended an Iftar dinner hosted by Counterpart International’s Responsive Government Project (RGP) in Yemen to mark the holy month of Ramadan …

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January 2014

Spotlight on a Partner: Campaign calls for an enabling environment for the disabled in Yemen

A young boy is sitting in his classroom, fiddling with scraps of paper. He’s silent, while the other children around him recite the alphabet.

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March 2013

Enthusiasm and hope at the start of Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference

In a historic first for Yemen, President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi convened the National Dialogue Conference on March 18, sparking a six-month process designed to address the country’s most pressing state-building issues.

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March 2013

Celebrating Women: Notes from Yemen

In honor of International Women’s Day, Counterpart will be highlighting women around the world. Enjoy this post and the others posted today, March 8, 2013: …

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