Forty-two percent of Guatemala’s children are malnourished, with hunger reaching 90 percent in some indigenous communities. In response, the government of Guatemala has launched its National Rural Development Integrated Policy to help rural farmers improve food security. Our Food for Progress program in Guatemala supports the government in rebuilding its National Rural Extension System, which has been suspended since the 1990s and is the country’s only program for teaching farming techniques and nutrition to rural communities.

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December 2022

Innovative Technique Produces High-Yield Seedlings Boosting Revenue Of Guatemalan Farmers

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November 2022

Tripling Production Through Greenhouse Technology in Guatemala

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July 2022

USDA and Counterpart make for a better brew in Guatemala

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July 2021

The Domino Effects of Climate Change

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April 2020

Tinamit Tolimán Integral: Creating Local Supply Chains of Specialty Coffee in Guatemala

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January 2019

A Shared Vision for Better Health Care in Guatemala

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