The government of Cameroon has announced it will prioritize the early education and health of its children, with an overarching goal of reducing hunger while improving literacy. In Cameroon, food security is low and forces many families to arrange early marriages for their daughters. As a result many children – especially girls – do not receive a complete education. Our Food for Education program in Cameroon simultaneously improved school attendance and reduced malnutrition through an innovative school feeding system that engaged schools, parents, and entire communities in growing and delivering healthy meals to students and their families.

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September 2015

Counterpart Supports the Government of Cameroon to Develop National Policy on School Feeding

Since 2008, Counterpart’s school feeding program in Cameroon’s North West and North Regions have proven that serving free meals and take-home rations to children at school leads to higher student enrollment and retention, especially among girls.

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March 2015

Community in Cameroon Celebrates Healthier Children and Higher School Attendance

The children of Badjouma Radier, Cameroon are growing stronger and learning more—and the whole community is rejoicing.

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March 2015

More Nutritious Meals for Children in Cameroon

Counterpart has a long history of improving nutrition for school-aged children. In Cameroon, widespread drought has meant many children were not receiving the nutrients needed to keep them well-fed and focused in school.

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February 2015

“It is Time for the World to Think Bigger”

I shuddered reading the information about a new United Nations report on the alarming rate of attacks on girls seeking an education, which looked at results over the last five years.

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February 2015

Creating a Cycle of Growth Educating Girls, Feeding a Community

Our partners have built a network of 150 communities to keep girls in school and improve nutrition for 14,000 families.

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October 2014

Back-to-School Supplies Given to 7,500 Cameroonian Children at 150 Elementary Schools

In Demsa, Cameroon, many families don’t have the money to buy pencils or workbooks for their school-age children. Without these simple tools, children cannot attend school.

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